Why We Started VacSeen.org

Dr. Cindy Cerro-Conlon, MD

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What People Are Saying

“Letting people know that I’ve got the vaccine, I took that step to protect myself and neighbors and community, that’s a really good thing. It’s a good idea.”

Aaron Katz, University of Washington’s School of Public Health

"What will people wear that indicates they’ve gotten both doses of the vaccine?"

Steven Sinofsky, former President at Microsoft & former Professor at Harvard

"The key reason that would be useful is advertisement. We're very influenced by what we perceive people in our community to be doing so if everybody else is doing something it's attractive to us."

Katherine Milkman, professor at University of Pennsylvania and co-director of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative

"When patients see these bands on the wrists of providers they know and trust, who have chosen to receive the vaccine themselves, it signals an element of confidence and fosters acceptance."

Dr. Cindy Cerro-Conlon, MD

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In the News

"...a better approach for boosting confidence and vaccination rates would be through grassroots social signaling — by empowering friends and family to show their support." (Geekwire)

"Ian Mikutel is on a mission to build confidence about the coronavirus vaccines one wrist at a time." (The Post Star)

"They aren't intended to be a form of verification. Instead, they work similarly to an 'I voted' sticker that raises awareness of voting while also letting others know that a person has voted." (WindowsCentral)

Do you require proof of vaccination?

Our mission is to make the vaccine omnipresent and encourage others to join the crowd to help us get to herd immunity. There are always people who will misrepresent their vaccination status, whether it's a bracelet, a forged vaccination card, or a verbal lie. As such, we don't require proof of vaccination, and you can purchase VacSeen bracelets before you get your shot(s). However, we ask everyone to please wait to wear it until after they're vaccinated.

We encourage everyone to continue protecting themselves until the country has reached herd immunity.