How do wristbands encourage adoption of the vaccines? These blue wristbands are an easy and universal way to signal "I've been vaccinated." As more people get the vaccine, the wristbands become more and more common, creating social momentum around the vaccines. Normalizing the COVID vaccines is critical for ensuring sufficient adoption and the end of the pandemic.

Why should I wear a wristband? Wristbands not only normalize taking the vaccine, but they also reduce social anxiety by signaling to others that you have been vaccinated. We believe that the more prevalent these signals become, the sooner we can all return to a sense of normal.

If I'm wearing the wristband, do I still need a mask? You should follow public health guidance. Vaccines are not 100% effective and only work with sufficient community adoption. The VacSeen wristband is an awareness and fundraising tool, not a replacement for public health guidelines.

Will people wear the wristband who have not been vaccinated? VacSeen.org asks everyone to only wear the wristband in public after they've completed the full course of the vaccine. There is nothing to prevent someone from wearing the wristband, just like there is nothing preventing an unmarried person from wearing a wedding ring. We believe that the vast majority of society will adhere to the norms, and that friends and family will create enough social accountability to keep everyone honest.

Where should I wear my VacSeen.org wristband? VacSeen.org believes in humanity's desire to band together to end the pandemic, and our mission is to build awareness and momentum around the COVID-19 vaccines in everyday life - at workplaces, social gatherings, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, movie theaters, schools, playgrounds, etc. These are everyday places where the majority of exposure occurs, and these are the places where the recognizable blue wristband can be noticed. 

Can I give these out to my friends, customers, or coworkers? Yes, with one request. Please ask recipients to only start wearing it once they've completed their vaccine regimen. 

I love this idea! How can I help? We're looking for help spreading the word. Share us with your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc followers. Ask your influencer friends to promote it. Ask your employer to buy in bulk and distribute to employees. Ask your doctor or your city to order wristbands and distribute them with each vaccine. They can email us at hi@vacseen.org or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.