Our Mission

 "This is meant to be a social signal, a social movement. It’s meant to be for people who are proud that they’ve done their part to help."

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Our mission is to encourage adoption of COVID-19 vaccines by making the vaccine visible and building social momentum in the community.

"The key reason that would be useful is advertisement. We're very influenced by what we perceive people in our community to be doing so if everybody else is doing something it's attractive to us," Katherine Milkman, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and co-director of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative.

Widespread and rapid adoption of the vaccines will save thousands of lives and help us all return to normal.

The idea for VacSeen started after we saw 75%-85% of the public needs to receive the vaccine in order to achieve herd immunity and keep our community safe. There wasn’t yet a way to publicly show that you’ve received the vaccine and are proud of it. Our hope is that people who are hesitant to get vaccinated will see either a friend of family member wearing the wristband and become more comfortable with getting the vaccine.

Half of the proceeds will be donated to the United Nation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization, which raises money to track the spread of the virus, provide essential equipment for health care workers and fund research for treatment and other vaccinations.

Keeping momentum up for the vaccines only works if we all do our part by getting the vaccine and encouraging our friends and neighbors to get it too. Wearing the recognizable blue wristband helps keep up that momentum.

If you’d like to be featured on our website and social media, please send us a photo wearing your VacSeen wristband or use the #vacseen tag on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for helping to make the vaccine visible!

-Greg and Ian